How to Style using a crop top

Crop tops are the best outfit to stay in style always. Crop tops are enduring warm weather staples; it has been reinvented decade after decade.  Not only they belong to street & casual wear category these days, crop tops are now also a part of bridal attires. Not only they give the modern bridal look, but also they are the ones you can match up with any lehenga, palazzo and any other thing. Women also love crop tops and here we bring you some cool styling ideas so that you can further experiment with your styling.


1.       Crop Tops with pants

The easiest way to style a crop top is to pair up with a high waist jeans. It is So easy to carry and easy to follow the trend.  It goes with all the jeans.

2.       Crop tops and short Skirts

Craziest outfit for the date night is pairing crop top with short skirts. You would look hot and more sexy on your private date.

3.       Lehenga with a crop top

Want to look different and stylish in wedding function? Crop top and lehenga is here to go with. Adding an extra chic to your outfit and make you more glamorous is what it is.

4.       Crop top as a blouse for saree

Wondering for a blouse idea of a new saree? Here is the solution. Pairing up a contrast or similar toned  crop top with a saree will amp up your traditional look. Accessorizing with long earring will enhance your outfit. This is the easy to go solution without the hassle of stitching blouse and all.

5.       Flared skirts and crop top

Flared skirts are super trending these days and when you pair up with a crop top, you’ve got the best combination of all. Not only it gives you a sleek look, but also helps in showing the flares of your skirt, thus giving justice to both, crop top and flared skirts

6.       Dhoti pant and crop top

Stiil looking for more interesting ways to style your crop top is with dhoti pants. The perfect outfit for hot weather is here. Even this can be the perfect yoga outfit for the day.

7.       Crop tops and Blazers

Blazers always win the league when it comes in showing bold and statement look. When it is paired with crop top, it is like a cherry on the cupcake- giving you so sleek, classic and outstanding touch.

8.       Crop top and Long maxi skirts

Crop tops are nowadays paired with maxi skirts and are very trending now. The flairy and airy skirts excentuates the comfort level in spring and makes us easy to carry.

9.       Crop top and palazzo

A perfect wear for every look is a crop top and palazzo- simple, airy and elegant. Enhance your everyday look with simple crop top and plain or printed palazzos.

10.   Crop top and shorts

Planning to go on holidays this summer and finding the most appropriate styling ways to show off?  Here it is! Crop top and shorts gives the perfect look in hot weather. It makes the most easy to carry, light weight and comfortable to wear outfit for your beach holidays.


11.   Crop top and pencil skirt

Give your wardrobe a modern update by wearing crop top with a pencil skirt. Party nights could not have been better than this stunning look. Try it out.

Thus, crop tops are now becoming a part of all occasions and people also love the look of it. Slowly it is becoming an important part of dressing and in coming time, the style will further pickup its flavor. We at The Style Trader bring you the ultimate collection of crop tops that you can’t miss. Check out our collection of crop-tops and much more only at the style trader.