1.  The Point Collar

These are also known as standard collars, suitable for all purposes. These collars have pointed tips and the distance between the two points is usually small. These collars are ideal in hiding the tie beyond the knot.


2. The Pin Collar

As the name suggests, these collars are named after their unique feature. These collars have a specific hole in the collar, giving an option to add pins, or you better know it as collar clip. Collar clips are a type of cufflinks and it helps in elevating your personal style.


3. The Square Collar

These collars are squared off and you can see a distinct square ending instead of the ones in point collar and pin collar. These are now not easily available, but it used to be one of the trendsetters in its time.


4. The Button Down Collar

An all-time favourite collar style, these collars are a variant to the point collar, but with a unique touch of buttons below the collar. This gives an option to keep the collar open or, button it up to give more sleek look. The buttons are more preferrable by the people having larger faces, but it is nowadays preferred by almost everyone.


5. The Band Collar (Mandarin Collar)

Band collar or you better know it as Mandarin Collar aka Chinese collar are nowadays in very high demand among the youths and why not it be! The points are completely cut off and all that is left is the band of the collar, thus named after it. These shirts must be worn tie-less.


6. The Wing Collar

The best pick for a party, these collars gives the exact space for a bow-tie and give you the perfect vintage look. The tips stand up and are directed horizontally so they resemble the open wings of a bird. You can also pair it up with Tuxedo and give yourself a charming look.


7. The Spread Collar

These collars are wide, spreaded across the the shirt. This is considered as a European style and most preferred in London. These are most used when the tie is thick, or when you plan to use a muffler. a wider spread collar is more suitable for men with a narrow face shape, as it draws the viewer’s eyes outward, creating the impression of a wider face.

Collars are usually ignored by people when selecting a shirt for the occasion however, it plays a vital role in elevating your style quotient. As you can see from above, various collars are available to choose from and each collar has its own importance and use. We at The Style Trader want every individual to understand the importance of collars and choose the shirt accordingly. Happy Styling!