During the monsoon season, there are a few things to keep in mind. This season, knee-length skirts and Capri pants are the ideal choices. We should wear half-sleeved or sleeveless dresses with frilly, flowing fabrics. Synthetic clothing should be used more frequently because it dries quickly after being soaked.

Shirt dress:

For this windy & rainy season, you definitely need to try this shirt dress.

You will love it for sure. Also, don't forget to put on rain boots and bring a raincoat

Knee length dress:

Troubling to decide what to wear on these rainy days?? We have a solution for you here. Simply put on this stunning maroon flowing dress.

On these monsoon days, this flowy dress provides comfort while still looking gorgeous. So, what are you waiting for? Add this lovely dress to your closet right now, and don't forget to accessories with a hat to complete the appearance.

Simple tee & denim shorts:

Shorts are an essential for summer, and they're also a terrific alternative for staying stylish in the rain.

Combine them with a cool statement t-shirt or a crop top for a sporty and casual style. To finish the appearance, a pair of chunky, waterproof sneakers  is ideal.

Denim shorts are the go-to wear with any T-shirt. In this monsoon season, these comfy clothes are like soul to the body.

This appears to be quite wearable. Carry a water-resistant handbag and a jacket as well.

Crop t-shirt with skirt:

Who says rain wear has to be dull and boring? You have so many possibilities for how you want to look! With this breezy midi skirt in various colours, bring some brightness into the dark day.

Nowadays crop top is really trendy and can find in almost everyone’s closet. This monsoon takes out your crop top and mix-up it with short skirt and long jacket. 

Sleeveless t-shirt & Capri:

Do you believe I'm joking? I'm not one of them. Cropped pants have shamelessly supplanted capri pants throughout the years. 

But, just in case you've forgotten, they're not the same thing. Capri’s are a few inches below the knee and cropped pants are a few inches above the ankle.

Capri’s are good to go for this monsoon and add on hat and raincoat as per your choice and colour.

Mini dress:

For these wet days, the little dress is ideal. It has a magnificent appearance but is also very comfortable to wear.
Protect yourself from the rain by wearing a leather jacket and carrying an umbrella. And do not forget to match wet boots.

Kaftan dress:

Do you believe kaftans are only worn in the summer? You can also wear a sassy dress during the monsoon season.
Put on your kaftans and accessorize with beautiful jewellery.
To complete the look, carry a matching umbrella.

High waist jeans along with top: 

Also add on heels. For a striking contrast, pair your Wellington boots with a whimsical dress with puff sleeves. 
Last but not least, on a rainy summer day, a trendy or funky umbrella may be all you need!

So these are the 8 various style you can wear your clothes this monsoon. Also do not forget to tag us when you recreate any of this look. And tell us your favorite look in comment section. Do visit our website for such more clothes at https://www.thestyletrader.com/ .