1.     Matching with your bottom color

Stripes are good to go with the same color as your bottom color. This gives an instant cool and stylish look. Pair it up with a similar tone glares and you are all set for the occasion.



2.     Jam it up with Prints and catchy colors

If you think stripes only go with plain colors, well, you are wrong! It really looks super good when you jam your stripes with some chec print or some bright color as it cancels the tone and highlight both, the top wear and bottom wear.


3.     Pair made in heaven with Jeans!

When you are having your stylish top in stripes, the most and ideal cloth to take on is Jeans. The evergreen invention is good to take on when your top is of pattern or of bright colors. Contrast jeans would do the magic here.



4.     Shirt-dress the Saviour!

You’ve heard shirt, you’ve heard dress, but how about Shirt-Dress? This is a very good alternative to a every-day stripe top. Stylish accessories with this shirt dress would take the game ahead and will give you a fresh look.

5.     Twinning with your partner

Stripes are considered under-rated when it comes to twinning for the couples. However, we are totally against it. Stripes gives you the classy look and when you and your partner wear it, it surely will grab the attention. Trust us, try it out once and we are sure you are going to be THE Couple of the evening for sure.


6.     Glam up with a leather skirt

Stripe generally looks good with anything, but when it comes to leather, it has a different story. Match it with a leather skirt and see you catch all the eyes! Leather skirts already being sensuous, you can be sure that this combination will surely grab the eyes and make you feel important.

7.     Stripes with Jumpsuits

Wanna give a cool girl look? Take out your jumpsuits from your wardrobe and put it on with a stripe tshirt and you are done! When you are out of ideas of what to wear (which generally every girl out there is), this can be an option to give yourself an all-fresh look.




8.     Stripes for the Date-Night Look?

Why ignore stripes when going on a date? Stripes, paired up with short skirt can be your savior when you are out of ideas. Be sure this will not only give you a sensuous look, but also will ring the bells in your partner’s mind. Try out this secret tip and let us know how it goes :P




9.     The hidden gem for curvy girls

We often think that curvy girls look more curvy when they put on stripes, however that’s not the case. Selection of the stripes is the most important here. Verticle stripes is the answer for those who are looking for something as it adds a virtual height and creates an impression of less curvier than you are. Its an illusion, but will surely work wonders.





With time moving on, the purpose and use of stripes are increasing and people are nowadays don’t hesitate to put stripes. Not only it is used for office look, but also it can be used for casual wear, beach wear and as we said above, it is best suited for the Date-Night look. We, at The Style Trader make sure you always stay in trend and have a super cool Strip Shirt-Dress for you and also, striped couple shirts for twinning up with your partner. Visit our website and get more styling tips along with lots of stylish outfits.